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Asian Addiction

Any form of media I use in my LJ belong solely to the owners, unless I say so.


A little bit 'bout myself:
- 100% Filipino (can speak the Tagalog)
- 14 yrs. old
- Japanophile
- loves comments
- only has Asian music in her iPod (unless it's by Mariah Carey.)
- doesn't word her sentences properly (My "style" of writing might seem like I'm being mean.)
- loves to meet online buddies (esp. ones with common interests as mine)
- enjoys talking through comments (which can get a little bit annoying)

*If you find really long posts annoying in your f-list, please forgive. Writing the things that I do in my LJ, embedding media (that doesn't belong to me), and searching for info takes a lot of time (I mean hours). I just like the feeling accomplishment I get when I see a really long entry that I wrote. It's kind of a selfish reason but I apologize.*